The core of the I-TAL-YA Books project is the searchable catalogue of printed books in Italy dating from the sixteenth century until approximately 1960, which is hosted by the National Central Library of Rome on their Biblioteca Digitale platform. - LINK

In addition to the publication information and the location of the book in Italy, the catalogue references for the National Library of Israel and OCLC (worldCat) are also given.
Transliteration of Italian and Hebrew has been carried out according to the standards of the Library of Congress.

The catalogue entry indicates the existence of Marginalia,  Provenance, and Censorship information, but does not provide specific details.

The book images in the Volume listing of the catalogue include the selected digitized pages that were used for identifying the books, some sample inner pages and where possible a sample image of those pages where there is provenance, marginalia or censorship information.


Catalogue reference: GE0322-1000001


Catalogue reference: RM0166F01-0000180


Catalogue reference: RM0166F01-0000180